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Upon logging on, I found that a mere hour before I got online, the other AU/EU boys had already made quick work of a shit-fit Megathron Navy Issue in a neighboring C2, which was a solid 720m kill. The pilot was less than happy, letting loose a tirade of insults in local. The guys had a good chuckle, threw “gf’s” in local and went about their business.

Interesting story about this C2. After killing their Mega pilot, an honorable 1v1 was called for, and being the most experienced on at the time, Scae manned up and went for it. Thorax vs Proteus, our main man Scae emerging in the T1 cruiser. A one sided fight, you might think. You would think incorrectly. Scae used his webs and MWD to perfection, managing to more or less negate all of the blaster Proteus’ damage, while slowly but surely chipping away at the armor of his opponent.

Unfortunately, the Proteus pilot was not an honorable man, and as such did not stick around to die honorably. He left the field at 50% armor, while Scae was still sitting pretty at 63% armor himself. Far enough ahead of the Strat Cruiser to force it to warp off. In a Thorax. A sad day for PvPers everywhere. Anyway, moving on.

It was about this time that I had logged in, shipped up into my Loki and headed off to meet the guys at the new C5 that had just been probed down. We soon learned that A Domi had been in and out of this C5 trying to close the hole. And so the trap was set. Cloaky T3 cruisers sat invisible on the C2 side of the hole while 2 Interceptors sat at 0 on the same hole, waiting for the Domi to come through.

Except it didn’t.

Instead, our glorious CEO/Scout Rall Mekin had spotted a Scorpion which he believed was on his way to the hole. With no eyes on the hole, we couldn’t be sure. For 10 seconds… Silence, nothing but the humming of the wormhole to keep us company. And then a hole activation, and the Scorpion was on grid, instantly burning back to the hole. The trap was sprung, the Interceptors jumped through, along with any and all DPS and the scorpion was quickly dispatched and sent back to Hi Sec, adding a neat little ~290m to our killboard, along with the Navy Mega kill earlier on in the piece.

We loot the wreck, scoop the corpse and head back home. With downtime just around the corner, everyone gets safe at home, and logs off. All in all, it was a good day for our killboard, making up for some of my earlier shenanigans thos week, including a 300m Hauler loss to kill rights.

A successful night!  With any luck, they’re be plenty more to come soon as well!


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  1. […] I think the undisputed winner is this Navy mega. Congrats to the boys for this one. The kill itself is fun enough, but the subsequent bile in local, followed by calls of a 1vs1 against Scae by the pilot, and the hilarity following that all adds up to something special. Read more details about the event here. […]

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