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A slow day. Slow enough for me to want to take a hauler out to Hi Sec and grab the couple of Assault Frigates I won recently on SOMER Blink. It went well on the way there, all 27 jumps to Jita with no event. I get there, load up my ships and their fittings, and also grab some extras on an afterthought. And we’re off. I made it one jump out of Jita before someone had the good sense to remind me that I am in fact a bit of an idiot.

Yeah, so that happened. After many harsh words shared with corpies about a “broken” system (I don’t actually think it’s broken), I calmed down and made my way back to the hole, all 27 jumps with the knowledge that when Scae got on, I’d never hear the end of it. And I still haven’t.

Once back at the hole, with Scae in my ear constantly about the hauler I just lost, I tell him to shut up and ship up because we’re going roaming. He does, and we set off out of the hole. Unfortunately, the HiSec connection that our Static offered was rather valuable at this point, with the Americans wanting to bring some goodies once they woke up, so closing our static connection was not an option. Very boring. However, we DO have another Wormhole connected to the static, which, with what’s on offer, is about as good as it’s going to get.

Jumping through into what we now know is another C3, I punch D-Scan and see if there’s anything on offer.

Oh… an Orca.

Just what I wanted to see after that loss, a juicy potential 800 Million ISK killmail, waiting to be snatched up. But what’s this? Several towers? Oh poo. Within a few minutes we had the Orca narrowed down to a tower, and upon warping to that moon, he was indeed floating un-piloted within the POS bubble. But this is not all bad news. The POS is VERY lightly defended, with a whopping 4 medium guns and, at best, minimal E-War and resists. This, however, does not stop me from dying in the bomber I had put together for POS bashing. I’m going to be extremely glad when this POS dies. Which it does, albeit slowly. 70% shield, all is clear, and we’re happily burning through the tower and talking smack in teamspeak. 60% shield, still no response, much to our excitement. We’re under the impression this particular tower isn’t stronted, meaning that there will be no reinforce time and we can continue on, as opposed to not being able to shoot it for X amount of time if it were. 55% shields, and our scout just called wormhole activation. A response fleet perhaps? Nope, a Prorator. A blockade runner. Balls. He’s no doubt filled his cargo with Stront and is on his way to the tower. Will it all be for naught?

He warps to the tower, and just sort of idles in the bubble while his tower crumbles around him. We get a little friendly in Local, offering to stop for a ransom of 1bil and the Orca floating in the POS.  Being the cheeky little carebear he is, he refused us out right, and stated that the tower was nothing to him. Oh well, one less scummy carebear tower to stain J-Space then! We eventually burned through the shield in our little 7 man group, and yes, he did stront it, but only for an hour. Unfortunately, this hour would bring me into the wee hours of the morning, and was my cue to leave, at which point the Americans would finish it off.

Which they did!

It was a shitty night for my killboard, and kind of a shitty night for the corps killboard too. But the purge of wormhole carebears has begun! And it shall not end until our cargo holds are filled with the tears of those who do not fight!


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